GIXXY was founded to fulfill a need in the digital marketing industry. Instead of overcharging, overcomplicating, and over-evaluating a project, we believe in partnership. Trust and relationships are the first ideal we install when initiate a new partnership.

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The Partner Experience

Establishing a Partnership, instead of a Consultant relationship means putting our clients’ experience first. In some instances, we create contracts where we don’t invoice until the project is completed and/or goal reached.

1. Know the Difference between Spending and Marketing

Marketing and sales don’t always have to be expensive. It also doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Instead, there is strategy in how marketing and sales dollars are spent.

Put most of your capital in marketing people instead of the marketing systems. Spending doesn’t have to be about the latest marketing or sales trends.

Because innovation and marketing work so well together we offer partnerships in the form of venture capitalism. Both parties have more incentive to produce products and services more efficiently.

2. Your Customer Knows More Than You

This is no longer a seller-centric world. By the time a lead contacts you, they are well informed about your services.

Be a source of information for your employees and customers. Resources come in many different forms for different campaigns and information.

Adopt an inbound marketing and sales attitude in nurturing and delighting leads and customers.

3. Use Systems That Integrate and Scale

Don’t frustrate yourself and employees with systems that don’t integrate easily. If a system does not have an open API or infrastructure made for talking to other systems, it should be discarded.

If a software system that you integrate does not help your business scale, don’t use it. There are shiny objects out there that your team is not ready for.

Software and procedures should free up bottlenecks, one at a time. Once the most important bottleneck is alleviated, move on to the next one.

GIXXY Leadership

Anthony Brock

Founder + Principal

Anthony is passionate about growing through servitude and leadership. He graduated from Indiana University – Indianapolis with a BA in Economics and a minor in Business Administration from the Kelley School of Business.

Zach Barras

Founder + Director of Sales

Zach graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. With over 10 years of sales experience, he has worked in several industries; specializing in marketing and software.

We use our experience in digital marketing for nonprofits and
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