Top Questions We Receive

Sales Questions

Are the ``free`` services really free?

Yes! There are no contracts, no hidden fees, or pre-entering of credit card information.

Are you going to overload my inbox with emails if we fill out a form?

Nope. You can request how often you’ll hear from us, whether it weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Even if you do choose daily, we don’t update you with useless information or sells requests.

Does GIXXY have interest-free finance options?

Yes. Where it makes sense for us financially, we provide as low of a monthly as possible.

What can I expect in our first meeting/phone call?

We’ll be primarily listening to what you need and expect. The first meeting is always information-gathering and not an opportunity to shove a contract down your throat.

Technical Questions

How do I login to our WordPress site?

If you don’t have a username and password, we’ll provide that for you. We’ll also provide you with an SOP on how to login, write blogs or other content, and more without accidentally shutting down your site.

I have a GoDaddy question. Do I ask you or contact them?

Chances are we’ve seen everything in GoDaddy by now. If you need help with GoDaddy or cPanel, contact us first and we’ll go through the proper channels/procedures.

Why isn't my CRM isn't capture leads from the website?

There may be an issue with your plugin connection. Check the plugin settings on WordPress to make sure a connection is established.

Why doesn't ESP isn't capture lead flows through my website?

You have not integrated your CRM and ESP. This should be done in the CRM and ESP settings.

Pricing Questions

When do free services expire?

Most of the services are one-off projects. But a few have extended timetables. For instance, the Free Web Analytics last for two (2) weeks.

Can I do all of the free services and still use another marketing company?

Yes, of course. We are not trying to tie you down with free services. We are trying to trigger your marketing and sales needs.

Are there packages that bring 2 of the 3 core services together?

Yes, we realize you may not be only attracting new leads, but also trying to convert. Pricing is done on a case-by-case basis.

I can't find your pricing online. Where is it?

We do custom pricing based on your business needs. There is no set package, only different services that come together.

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