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3 Ways to Partner

Interested in selling our services?

Generate sales for GIXXY with resources built for success. You’ll be rewarded for having a large network or sales process.

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Want to write content for or about us?

We’ll provide links, topics, and templates for writers and content designers who excel in producing interest for marketing and sales users.

Become a Sales Partner

Want to test our new services? Or do you need us to test yours?

We love trying new systems. We also depend on outside help to test and improve our new systems. Compensation can include use of the system after launch or payment.

Become a Sales Partner

What’s in it for you?

New clients that you bring to us become part of a network of satisfied clients. As a result, you’ll receive $200 after they sign their GIXXY partnership contract. If you have a large framework of decision makers for prospects, you’ll fit right in with our program.

Become a referral partner, and you’ll receive our support as well. This includes marketing emails, a list of possible prospects you may be acquainted with, and a new revenue stream — just for knowing the right people.

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